Figure out that Feng Shui is not necessary to you since you’re just renting your home and not purchasing it? Think once more!

As a tenant who must need to abide by a rental arrangement, you do have fewer control over your environments. That having been supposed, it doesn’t mean you would totally ignore the Feng Shui of your rental unit, and by what means this can affect you. Check on these guidelines to learn about the basic Feng Shui strategies that all renters must know!


#1: Look at your surroundings and neighborhood

First, the main door of your respected rental property must not face the lift, as this is thought to cause conflict and fights within the residents of the house. Anyone wouldn’t want to be always backbiting with the property-owner, would you?

Furthermore, don’t live in an apartment that is positioned close to cemeteries, places of worship or hospitals. Practically speaking, it’s suitable to be situated close to healthcare facilities. Nevertheless, on the word of the Feng Shui, living close to hospitals means you’ll always be visible to negative energy.

Feng Shui House Floor Plan

#2: Look at the layout inside the house

One of the very significant factor to take into attention: toilets must constantly be sited at the perimeter of the room, and share an “exterior divider” of the apartment. The vilest case situation is when the toilet is positioned right in the middle of the apartment, or following the entrance. If that’s the instance, the tenants of the home are basically flushing their prosperity down the drain.

Although you particularly use the toilet that’s affixed to your bedroom, and give a wide berth of this peculiarly positioned toilet, it doesn’t make a change. As stated by the Feng Shui, this doesn’t excuse you from being washed-out of your wealth!

#3: Enhance your bedroom as said by Feng Shui

Let’s insist that the unit you admire isn’t perfect in terms of its environments and with the apartment’s layout. If you still contemplate you’d want to rent this home, for whatsoever purpose, then make certain you improve the areas of the house which you do have control over – like the bedroom.

First on your list of to-dos: check your bed is placed correctly. There are several limits to take into attention:

First, the side and foot of your bed must not face the main door, either your toilet door (as this will outcome in health issues). Moreover, your bedhead must not share a wall that has a toilet bowl on the other corner, as this will result to memory deterioration and headaches.

Likewise, don’t need to live and care plants in your bedroom. These are thought to entice too many ‘yang’ energy (check out: masculine energy). Provided that your bedroom is a place in which you ought to be resting and relaxing, you should need a harmony of ‘yin’ and ‘yang’, and excessively ‘yang’ will lead you to be over-attentive and undergo from insomnia. If you’d still want to live plants in your bedroom for design and artistic purposes, however, you can just buy artificial plants in place of live ones.

Finally, make sure that your bedroom structures have comforting colors.
Since your bedroom is made-up to be a nature haven, you should be using neutral colors such as beige, cream, brown rather than excessively bold and bright colors. Once more, this links back to the impression of over-motivation; in support of promoting a soothing atmosphere in which you can go after something more tranquil, have a good night’s sleep and skip the attention-grabbing accent walls.

Pro-tip: if your rental arrangement says that you’re prohibited to paint the walls, try requesting the property-owner for a concession with the consideration that you will repaint the wall in the original color before you leave. If your owner still doesn’t agree, you can just use detachable wallpaper or other transitory solutions.

Though you’re applying these changes, always be certain to be honest and communicate flexibly with the owner and your other respected apartment mates. Good luck!