Bidadari: To House HDB Flats and Private Homes

Amazing transformation befalls Bidadari. The once historical site is under great renovations to feature 12,000 HDB flats and private housing developments perfect for 40,000 dwellers.

Due to the increasing population and the demand to supply HDB houses, Bidadari has open its dominion for change to take over. However, remnants of its ancient times are being preserved in a form of a stunning park for tourist and locals to see.

Centuries ago, Bidadari used to be an Istana Residence to one of Sultan Abubakar of Johor’s wife until it was turned into a historical cemetery in 1904.

Notable burials are found in Bidadari Cemetery yet its gates were shut down from the public in 1972. Its divine essence along with its serene dignity have always prevailed even up to the present. Since its closure, a total of 147,000 graves can be found within its grounds where prominent individuals and even ordinary people laid into rest.

However, due to the inevitable growth of urbanization and being at the prime district of Singapore, this 56.82 hectare land is no less exempted from trains of modern realty developments.

Through the Master Plan 1998, high rise homes are being constructed as a sign of Bidadari’s residential advancement. All tombs were exhumed between 2001 and 2004 leaving its state as a temporary park for two more years.
Source: Department of Statistics, Singapore.

With this change, its essence as one of the country’s ancestral identity doesn’t actually fade as the National Heritage Board has bigger plans in conserving Bidadari Memorial Garden as a history-rich emblem.

A portion of its land, 10 hectares to be exact, were relocated near the Mount Vernon Road where its demeanor with 12 headstones from Christian, Singhalese, Hindu and Muslim figures of different denominations lies.

A Heritage Walk allows the tourist and locals alike to still see its ancient vignette through story boards within its pedestrian and cycling networks. Wrapped with posh green landscape with trees and bushes accentuate its steadfastness to nature.

One of Bidadari Memorial Garden’s development pipelines is to conserve its resemblance to that of the Alkaff Lake Gardens. Plans to recreate the prominent lake is now at work to maintain what was left during the pre-war colonial era.

In 1929, the famous Alkaff Family had the Alkaff Lake opened to the public as a leisure destination with a Japanese style setting for urban travelers and citizens to adore. However, its beauty was soon acquired by a private realtor company 20 years after and was converted into a school and residential estate.

So much of Bidadari’s picturesque and irresistible charm, this former cemetery has a part of its ground developed into a major MRT railway as part of the North East Line, the Woodleigh MRT station which started to operated in June 2011 ensuring accessibility for transport is just literally a walk in the park.

The Ministry of National Development (MND) announced the plans for a modern residential development within the area in late 2011 were works started to put into action the year after.

Housing Development Board (HDB) flats had its built to order (BTO) sales in 2015 with project completion and effective transfer date in 2018.

The Bartley MRT station is also in close range which is supported by the circle Line, heightens the housing demand within Bidadari estate, sources from STProperty.

A stunning leisure site to behold along with private homes, bus interchange and commercial facilities are what makes Bidadari a charming new modern town to look forward to.

Its blueprints has been featured to HDB’s exhibition entitled “Future Homes, Better Lives” plus two new towns also being introduced, the Tampines North and Puggol Matilda.

This unique transformation will surely make Bidadari a “Tranquil Urban Oasis” as foreseen by HDB featuring verdant green scenery to balance its modernity, outstanding history and distinctiveness with lower real estate cost compared to its neighbouring districts in Bishan and Toa Payoh Central.


Woodleigh Lane Has Its Tender Offer Closed at $70.7M

Woodleigh Lane rakes in a sales tender price at $70.7M won by CEL Unique Development, a collaboration between two of Singapore’s leading realty developers – Chip Eng Seng Corporation with 60 per cent share owned and Unique Real Estate with 40 per cent of its shares owned. The latter is as well a joint venture between Heetong Holdings with 60 per cent share and KSH Holdings for the remaining 40 per cent share.

A total of 15 bidders competing for the Government land sales site tender, as foreseen by the experts yet the offer is beyond what is expected.

This 99 years leasehold property is consist of 19,547 sq m site area up to 58,641 sq m maximum gross floor area and is basically found adjacent to the arising town of Bidadari estate as well as the famous NEX Shopping Mall, just a short distance from Woodleigh MRT station with a site launch on May 30.

Its location caters promising return of investments as anticipated by Dr. Lee Nai Jia, the head of research of Edmund Tie & Company consultation. If built on a proper orientation, residents will have an unblocked view of the vicinity due to its adjacent landed housing neighbourhood, he further added.

The bidding went up aggressively having one-third of the offer went beyond $1,000 per sq ft per plot ratio (psf ppr) according to head of research and consultancy, Mr Nicholas Mak of ZACD Group.

Sources from URA Strait Times Graphics, next line with CEL Unique Development is Corson and Wingjoy Investment bid $695M worth which is equivalent to $1,101.06 psf ppr along with Verwood Holdings and Logant at $688.1M tender price ($1,090.11 psf ppr).

Interested parties include the Blossom Residential Development offering $676.20M ($1,071.29 psf ppr) and Kingsford Huray Development with $632 selling price ($1,001.25 psf ppr).

Direct of research, Ms Christine Li of Cushman & Wakefield noted a selling price for Woodleigh Lane will eventually competes that of Bidadari estate as the latter is well connected to Singapore Press Holding and Kajima Development.