Stirling Road Land Sales near Queenstown MRT Station got a winning bid of more than $1 billion Singaporean dollars from Nanshan Group of China and Logan Property from Hong Kong. Stirling Residences @ Stirling Road garnered the highest bid of 21,190 square meter for a total price of $1,050 Singaporean dollars per square per plot ratio. The property has a permissible gross floor area in maximum quantity of 954,327 sq. ft.

Analysts speculated that the high bids of the property was due to its prime location. If the property is to become condominium lot, its residents will have a convenient time going to the Central Business District even famous places like Sentosa, Jurong, or even Bouna Vista. Some experts in real estate are optimistic that the winning bid only proves high sustained interest in the real estate market in Singapore. Future investments will increase the housing market in the city and makes real estate investment worthwhile.


Queenstown Site Location

Queenstown Neighbourhood

Being a fully grown estate, Queenstown was created as a self-supporting area with numerous amenities within walking distance like very own shopping malls, sporting activities complicated, public swimming pool, park locations, and so on.

Uncommonly for a built-up location, Queenstown takes care of to remain rather peaceful. The roadways are not jam loaded, and also you could have a silent walk or a lengthy discussion at the coffee bar at any time of day. While the night life is silenced, it’s optimal for older homeowners, or those that favour cosy over interesting.

Places like the also Tiong Hoe Coffee and Rio Brazilian dining establishment, recommend hipster a place to chill. While it’s no place near the degrees seen in Tiong Bahru, this might simply be prowling nearby. The old-fashioned style, paired with the total ambiance, is tempting to several hipster subtypes.


Will this be a Right Time to Invest?

Why do investors invest in real estate in the first place? The answer is surprising to many but it was said to be that investors invest due to ensuring their expenditures will have interest or in business terms, Return on Investments or ROI. They are setting aside funds to prepare themselves for inflation or future spending notwithstanding the taxes that will reduce their savings. Therefore, it is a must for investors to invest in real estate as an excellent solution.

Another wonderful consideration about real estate is that it is spared from recession unlike some businesses that fold when the economic climate is not hospitable. Real estate will proceed more stable and secure in the long run. The reason being is that land is an irreplaceable resource and it is expandable. Understandingly so, people need homes and places to live, play, work and shop. When applying the law of supply and demand, real estate is as simple as it can be

To conclude then, starting in real estate investment, your pricing should be aligned to your business goals. So, how do you realized if you are keen to sell your property? It is very simple. Take a glance at the asking price. However, if a property has aged in the market for one year or so and its price declined considerably, the seller will likely be on his or her wits to do whatever it takes to sell the property. It’s not like wine.

This could raise some concern of how to find sellers who are motivated. There are many ways but it is advisable to find that works for you, depending on the property you want. Use approaches like going to open houses, looking for sellable vacant and unattractive properties, branding yourself to the industry, and of course, peruse the local newspaper for classified ads.

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