There is an eye-catching move: when you shift from your teenage life into your 20’s, your discussion topics unexpectedly begin to turn around about housing.

“Hey, did you listen in that she just bought an Executive Condominium?”

“At last, I got the line number for the BTO unit!”

I can’t still make the decision of getting a BTO or resale…”

We talk in this article about the housing hopes and dreams of our fellow Singaporeans. There are Singaporeans who are saving up for their first ever house, those who aim to downgrade (yes, downgrade!), and those who haven’t given a chance to think about purchasing property. Continue reading to find out more!

“I am now 29 years old, and I’m still unmarried and residing with my beloved parents. Every year throughout Chinese New Year, my family make sarcastic comments on me and countdown at the time I turn 35 (that’s the age when I’ll be able to purchase a unit by myself). I have made a fairly thick skin over the years, so I don’t worry on their comments too much. I’m not the kind of individual to settle down for the cause of settling down and to be honest; I don’t see anything bad about staying with your parents. My mother cooks a mean curry chicken, and departing means that I will have to give up that if I get housing somewhere to live of my own.”

Alicia, 29, Finance

“You would feel that people would have other priorities in their mid-20s, but somehow, every one of my friends who are at the same age as I appear to be settling down and getting their first houses. Every time I logged in to Facebook, there’s someone getting the keys to their new unit or getting married. I mean, I feel successful if I make it over a whole week without waking up late or be late for work. So yes, making unaccompanied housing plans are not on the detector soon.”

Jacqueline, 25, Auditor

“A year ago, I bought my first house. I and my wife decided to go against all the advice we’d been given, and purchase a unit at the beginning. Bad idea. Our house is small, and I can’t picture out making space for kids (if we do have any further down the road). We’ve really been figuring out of selling this residence and “downgrading” to a jumbo or 5-room HDB flat in its place. We’ll observe how it goes.”

Joshua, 28, Investment Banker

“Every time my friends start discussing about housing, I feel super hassled. My girlfriend and I do have a combine of savings (we purchase the STI, among other things), but I’m not confident if we have sufficient money to purchase property plus save for retirement. In a year or the next year, we would like to obtain a resale flat close to her parents, who reside in Toa Payoh. If that’s too expensive, our next choice is wherever in the East – perhaps Simei or Tampines.”

Jason, 26, IT Consultant

“A piece of advice I can offer to all my juniors: apply for a BTO while you’re still schooling! Indeed, it could seem great kanchiong, nevertheless you might obtain up to $80,000 in grants. That is what my husband and I did 7 years previously, and it’s truly lessened our problem very much when it comes to funding our BTO flat. We can save our monthly expenses with our CPF, and it’s best to be able to do that short of consumption into your take-home salary.”

Charlene, 27, Insurance Agent


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